This page will is the home for all exercises I teach in Dr. Marjorie Matocq's Molecular Ecology I course (NRES 721) at the University of Nevada Reno in Fall 2019. I'll be teaching mostly through R, and tutorials will be available through GitHub repositories I created for these sections of the course. Those R Markdown documents are also embedded (except for those viewing the page on a mobile device) here. 

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Before the first class: Students, please be sure that have the following programs and packages installed before class:

Directions for downloading data for each class are found in the tutorial pages linked to below. We can download data as we go, so no need to do this beforehand!

Tutorial 1A (Oct. 16): Introduction to genomic data ( repo / page )

Tutorial 1B (Oct. 16): RADseq data assembly in ipyrad ( repo / page )

Tutorial 2 (Oct. 23): Basic population genomic analyses ( repo / page )

Tutorial 3 (Oct. 30): Utility of full-genome assemblies ( repo / page )

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